Greedy cowards |

Greedy cowards

U.S. Government statistics: Almost 100 deaths per day due to firearms. Over 40 deaths per day from opioids. Lives eliminated and families ruined? There are no solid statistics because Washington blocks gun violence studies and keeps their collective heads up their butts concerning opioids. One-hindred and forty deaths per day is equal to the entire population of Aspen dying, gone and eliminated in 50 days.

Don’t expect much positive action from Washington on guns. It’s just like the opioid problem. The majority of law makers are too busy pandering for their pimps, aka big business. And like any slave they’re beholden too their masters.

Campaign contributions continue to Donald Trump. It’s never the gun and it’s never Congress and especially it’s never, ever the right time. It’s always more guns for more killing. That’s like fixing the opioid problem by making it available over the counter.

The idea of arming and making killers out of teachers is cowardly and reprehensible. It’s just more passing the buck while accepting the hundreds of thousands of bucks. Declaring that armed teachers would have made a difference is a fantasy and just another lack of leadership. Besides, I don’t believe committing homicide is part of the teaching degree curriculum. If it had been, I probably wouldn’t be here.

However, we the people have an option and just like the 2nd amendment it’s constitutionally guaranteed. Speak out, protest and, above all, vote. Be intelligent and educate yourself. Become part of the solution. We can’t trust Washington to do the right thing. Our responsibility as Americans is too make them do the right thing or find people who will.

It’s up to us. 325 million Americans are being held hostage by 5 million members of the NRA and the morally bankrupt suits in Washington.

Also, I’m a hunter and I quit the NRA years ago. I’ve also lost a daughter to gun violence. Firearms can be enjoyable but need some regulation beyond background checks.

John Ostwald