Greater community at-risk with restaurants open

Can we get back to reality so we can halt the entitled, bully attitude? The job of civil servants is to protect, educate, provide for, and assist their fellow citizens. A pandemic is an event in which a disease (virus) spreads across several countries and affects a large number of people. (Again, COVID-19 isn’t political and doesn’t discriminate). A virus is an infective agent that only multiplies within the living cells of a host, you.

Here in Pitkin County we have intelligent, dedicated civil servants including Public Health, county commissioners, and contact tracers working around the clock trying to protect, educate, and assist the citizens of Pitkin County concerning a virus that is spreading rapidly in our community.

With increasing cases and children unable to attend in-person schooling, should we have shut down during our “offseason”? Probably. However, the restaurant community double-dog dared to stay open with the help of Orange 2.0. Now, cases have never been higher, Pitkin County is No. 2 in Colorado for COVID-19 cases, and children are still struggling to attend in-person schooling. Restaurants are triple-dog daring to continue indoor dining — Orange 3.0, anyone? Currently, 43% of outbreaks in Pitkin County are occurring in restaurants. Sure, we haven’t had many deaths, however, the long-term effects can be severe for survivors of all ages.

How about the restaurants show an act of kindness and allegiance to protect the community, their employees commuting from three different counties, and the children trying to attend school. The restaurants aren’t being singled out; the pandemic is all over the world. Why not provide delivery and pick-up service only and give your dedicated front-line employees a well deserved two- to four-week paid vacation (hazard pay?). I double-dog dare you.

Lanie Sandoval