Great wolf presentation |

Great wolf presentation

Whoever was able to make it to the Naturalists Nights presentation last week learned quite a bit about the feasibility and necessity of bringing our wolves back to Colorado.

Mike Phillips, a biologist and state senator from Montana, did a great job of outlining documented facts about wolves and their relationship with humans, and how so many of our fears are unfounded.

For a couple examples; since establishing wolf populations once again in Yellowstone, the almost 4 million annual visitors including backcountry campers have never had an aggressive encounter. The annual elk take from wolves in Montana and Yellowstone is a miniscule percentage of the population, and with Colorado’s large elk population wolves will not affect the hunting business. Livestock takes are rare and compensated.

We have learned much about how important the apex predators are to our environments. Our oceans are much healthier because of sharks. And again, using Yellowstone as an example, the re-introduction of wolves to their historical home has returned wetlands to prior health, bringing back beaver and songbirds.

Mary Harris