Grauer, Tennenbaum and Hartley for Basalt Town Council

There are six candidates vying for three open positions on the Basalt Town Council in next week’s election. I have reviewed all of the candidates’ various positions on the issues and strongly feel that Bernie Grauer, Gary Tennenbaum and Todd Hartley are best suited to represent our community for the next term. Incumbents Bernie and Gary have done an outstanding job of shoring up our town’s finances, proactively pursuing and successfully completing employee-housing partnerships and working toward a community oriented solution for the Pan and Fork parcel — a solution that understands the healthy need for outside community gathering spaces (as opposed to primarily indoor technological interactions). Not to mention, both men have demonstrated a sincere effort in doing their homework as well as open-minded listening to what the general public has to say on the issues at hand. There is every reason to believe they will continue their good work and, as such, should be re-elected. As the new guy on the council, Todd Hartley would represent a good combination of a fresh face combined with many years of living in the valley. Todd is a strong supporter of the Pan and Fork parcel being a public gathering place as well. Todd also is a critical thinker who has enough local experience to ask both the right questions and recognize when the responses are not credible. Todd’s voice will be a good addition to the council moving forward.

Please join me in voting for Bernie Grauer, Gary Tennenbaum and Todd Hartley on Tuesday.

Greg Shugars