Government failing at education |

Government failing at education

Just read a very concerning article by a veteran teacher on the problems of putting people back in school this fall. There are many problems and little is really being done to solve them. There are many problems with the U.S. education system in general and they have been decades in developing. There is lack of adequate funding at all levels. Non-academic programs are missing. School nursing and counseling have been cut back. Segregation is back in full force. Declining general wages mean less money for tax payments to fund schools. Students have to borrow large sums for college and often there are not good paying jobs to pay back the loans. Parents move their kids to private schools for better education and that pulls money out of the public schools they leave.

Much pressure is being brought to bear to open schools. Stories are coming in about students getting infected and needing quarantines and even shut downs. Children are not observing general mask guidelines. Whole universities have already changed their plans. There is not money to make the significant changes in buildings and facilities to protect face to face education. The districts and the states don’t have that money and the Republican controlled federal government says they will not provide the funding. (Democrats passed a bill in the House months ago but the Senate will not bring it to a vote.)

None of this is a surprise. We know that opening schools will greatly increase the number of infections and the suffering and death. Just as we know that opening business when the virus has not been brought under control would, and did, vastly increase the damage from the disease. People are calling for restarting pro and college athletics. We know this will increase sickness. Billions of dollars in TV money is involved.

All the while, it is more than obvious that the steps that should be taken by our collective governments are not being done.

The questions then are quite shocking. Why is the country being put into this position? Who does this benefit? What is the goal of it all?

Baron Trump, the son of the president, will start his private school year schooling from home.

Patrick Hunter