Gorsuch will attract World Cup skiing

I am writing to support approval for the Gorsuch Haus proposal. As a skier, former ski racer and parent of three ski racers, I embrace the history of skiing and ski racing in our “ski town.”

I think it is very important for Aspen to continue hosting top-level ski racing at our world-class venue on the west side and original base area of the mountain. Gorsuch Haus and a new high-speed lift will ensure that World Cup ski racing will continue to happen here. Of course, the Aspen City Council will review this application very carefully and I hope the council will approve a size and scale that can be financially feasible, not something that is pared down to the point the developers abandon the project.

I have known Jeff Gorsuch and Bryan Peterson for many years; they care about Aspen in the long term and they care about our history of skiing and ski racing. They are the right people to build this hotel and the time for it to happen is now. The proposed public elements of the building will be much needed and enjoyed amenities for locals and hotel guests. I have walked the site with Bryan and studied the plans, and access from Norway ski run and from South Aspen Street to the new lift does not seem to present a problem.

Almost anything new that happens in Aspen creates a lively debate. I remember many letters to the editor about how the new Ruthie’s Restaurant was going to ruin our view of the mountain, but in retrospect those fears were greatly exaggerated. My understanding is that Gorsuch Haus steps down the mountain from two to three to four stories at the highest. I think the view of the mountain from town and the view of our beautiful valley from above will be just fine. I walk past the Limelight Hotel every evening after work and I am always struck by what a great gathering place it is for locals and visitors. I am very hopeful that someday soon Gorsuch Haus will provide a pleasant apres-ski scene for all to enjoy and be part of an improved Lift 1A base area that helps keep Aspen at the forefront of World Cup ski racing and recreational skiing in this country and the world.

Jim Cardamone