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Gorsuch proposal rife with problems

One benefit of having the World Cup training sessions, where there were no spectators and relatively low traffic, is that it revealed that the traffic South Aspen street can handle is very limited.

It was such an eye-opener to see that an ambulance, a couple of vans and small trucks at the top of Aspen street caused traffic gridlock. Now imagine Gorsuch Haus with delivery trucks, taxis, ambulances, cars, garbage trucks, etc. — all vying for the same space; and back-up beep, beep, beeps of motor vehicles resonating throughout the neighborhood all day from 5 a.m. until perhaps 11 p.m.

Until seeing how the traffic was affected by the relatively few vehicles, I did not have a sense of what a nightmare having traffic at the top of Aspen Street due to Gorsuch Haus would cause. Cars were initially backed up on Aspen Street until World Cup security eventually decided to stop them at the bottom to allow traffic to clear. Again, the traffic jams were created when only four to five vehicles were at the top.

There is no way that a turnaround cul-de-sac can accommodate more than a few vehicles at the top of Aspen Street. Hotels typically have at least two or three points of entry for motor vehicles. Gorsuch Haus proposes one on a narrow street! Unbelievable!

Among other major problems with the Gorsuch Haus proposal, the traffic flow issues have clearly not been adequately addressed or assessed.

Terri Prunskis


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