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Gorsuch not a year-round asset

I urgently request you give extreme scrutiny to any modifications that will arise from these new apresentations in 2017. Problems in 2017 that were present when Gorsuch Haus was first put forward by the developers in 2016 remain when they tried to cloak themselves in the mantle of “town benefactors.”

1. I do not believe that a hotel of any size — and certainly not the bloated proposed size of Gorsuch Haus — located in the middle of a current ski area represents a value year round to the city of Aspen, its residents and visitors. The significant mutilation of the view of this area of Ajax from the perspective of Rubey Park Transportation Center or Smugger Mountain Road from anywhere in town cannot be underestimated. Unlike the canvas tents/scaffolding the Aspen Skiing Co. erects for temporary use from time to time (eg. X Games last week, mobile Champagne carts on multiple mountains for the past several years), the Gorsuch’s hotel high on the hill will be around forever.

It should be mandatory to have story poles erected and left in place for at least a month. No more of the developer’s “instant story poles” of last fall that disappeared almost before they were erected! In addition, the developers should be required to provide 3D modeling to better portray the potential obstruction of their project. I believe it is important to require the developers to properly advertise the presence of both story poles and 3D modeling so Aspen residents can better inform themselves as to what may be in store for them.

If this is such a wonderful project for the residents of Aspen, let the council and residents look at the story poles from Dean, Durant or Cooper streets at multiple times of day during both snow and non-snow season and decide the choices you wish to live with going forward.

2. If the merits of this project are to provide more winter skier access, then how will people be effectively moved using 12-passenger vehicles from the Transportation Center or other locations in the vicinity of the Silver Queen Gondola? Lines and waits for the “new Lift 1A transport” will drive potential skiers to take the far easier route to the Silver Queen just a flat block away.

Thus, your decision to proceed as requested will be to allow the new area becomes a usable “feature” only for guests on South Aspen Street. Rubber tire units might be successful moving people in town but they will likely fail attempting to negotiate one of the steepest city streets in Aspen that even cinder trucks with chains have challenges when providing services to this part of our town after snow storms.

3. Without the skiing, who in the world would want to stay at a hotel on the far edge of town up on the mountain in seasons other than ski? Note there are no renderings of any scenario other than winter possibilities.

How do you say “white elephant”?

Michael Mizen

Lakewood, Ohio, and Aspen

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