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Gorsuch Haus a massive profit center for developers

Late last year, the planning director for the city of Aspen spent a good deal of time analyzing the proposed Gorsuch Haus development and recommended that the Planning and Zoning Commission reject the proposed development. Planning and Zoning, after appropriate analysis and consideration, came to the same conclusion and rejected the massive proposed hotel. We hope that you will consider the historical precedent in this area and also reject the Gorsuch Haus rezoning request.

The proposed hotel is massive in scale and is positioned in the middle of a public ski run. For more than 100 years, the residents of Aspen and its guests have enjoyed the beautiful views and the exceptional ski experience of the Lift One area. At five stories, 70,000 square feet and 77 feet in height, this development will tower over other buildings in the area. The surrounding residential buildings are limited to two stories in height, or about 28 feet, and Gorsuch Haus should be subject to the same rules as it neighbors — including the recently approved Lift One Lodge immediately north of this proposed development.

The land under the proposed hotel has historically been and is currently still zoned conservation. Conservation land is set aside for the benefit of all Aspen residents for their quiet enjoyment of the space and the sheer beauty of the mountainside. The developer is requesting that the city rezone this conservation land so that the developer can take this shared community benefit for their own private use, and derive personal profit from our conservation land, essentially forever. This is unfair to the taxpayers and residents of Aspen, and I urge the City Council to reject Gorsuch Haus’ proposed rezoning of the land.

Pat and Rania Dempsey