GOP is loyally blind to Trump |

GOP is loyally blind to Trump

When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, I had faith and felt reassurance that his fellow Republicans would stand up to him because his actions crossed the line of what is acceptable behavior for the president of the United States.

As I watch the impeachment hearings, I am absolutely appalled by the conduct of the Republicans. They are obviously putting the welfare of the Republican party above what is best for our country. They are protecting their own political careers at the instead of even considering the evidence that points to Donald Trump’s abuse of the power for his own political gain.

Donald Trump is a self serving con man. I am beginning to feel these Republicans are worse. When will they develop a spine and act with integrity to stand up to Trump? What line does Donald Trump have to cross before they say that this time he has gone too far? Perhaps they need to be reminded that when they were elected to defend the Constitution of the United States. Not Donald Trump at all costs.

Dan Sheridan