Glenn Drummond for Basalt Town Council

I have had the pleasure of knowing Glenn Drummond for the past 12 years. I have come to know him as a person who has the wisdom and insight to educate himself on issues that have an impact on his life and those around him. Discussions, and sometimes debates, with him have always given me more information and insight than I had when the conversation started. He brings an understanding of the issue from an educated position. To me, it is valuable and expected that our elected officials and volunteer committee members educate themselves on the impact every vote they cast has on the community.

Running for a local government board or committee requires people that care about the community and are willing to put forth their time and effort for the better good. I would never vote for an individual that had not volunteered time, attended public meetings or did not understand how government functions. We do not need to elect people that need to learn Government 101 and haven’t participated in their community. We need qualified, educated and willing individuals that want to serve their community. I feel that Glenn fits that need and will bring knowledge, energy, understanding and the community’s best interest to the table.

Temple Glassier