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Column for the columnist

I read, or at least I tried to read, Glenn Beaton’s column in the April 29 Aspen Times. There were several parts I did not understand, but one sentence especially stands out, “Some people didn’t get the Dems’ memo directing them to flip from love, hate, love, hate, love (passionately) and hate for Russia, free trade, debt, illegal immigration, adultery and honesty, respectively, to hate, love, hate, love, hate (passionately) and love for the same.”

Many years ago I attempted to read ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce. It was a very challenging experience for me, but this takes convoluted language and obfuscation to a whole new level.

If The Aspen Times is going to continue to carry Mr. Beaton’s column, I suggest that the paper add an additional column explaining what Mr. Beaton really meant or was trying to say in that day’s paper.

Respectfully yours,

Bob Morris