Hot over Beaton column |

Hot over Beaton column

Glenn Beaton agrees that global warming is happening, that it’s likely partly due to human activity and that we should take it seriously (“Aspen’s warnin’ warminites are chillin’,” commentary, June 16, The Aspen Times).

He just doesn’t think we should be so alarmed about it. To prove his point, he cites Al Gore and Prince Charles.

Listen, Glenn, how about we put aside the outliers on both sides — you stop setting up straw men like Gore and the Prince, and I won’t razz you about Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh and any number of wackadoodle climate deniers.

That still leaves 97% of climate scientists, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Fourth National Climate Assessment and just about everybody younger than the age of 30, all saying that our freakin’ house is on fire.

Apologies if my alarmism is triggering for you.

Dave Reed