Give the people what they need |

Give the people what they need

When you drive upvalley from Glenwood Springs, the price of gas goes up 40 to 50 cents a gallon. People who live in the mid or upper valley have been paying too much for gas for years. City Market has recently proposed a gas station that would have cheaper gas and also let us use our fuel points garnered from City Market purchases.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has denied this request on the grounds that it would create too much traffic. What a ridiculous way to plan in the midvalley! All of the development that creates gridlock and degrades the locals’ quality-of-life is being allowed, but something that would actually benefit the workers in the valley is being denied. Only the developers will benefit from any more building at Willits and the Ski Pond. Where is the sense in this decision?

Give us a City Market gas station. We deserve a break once in a while.

Denise Handrich and Mark Billingsley

Lazy Glen