Give the Mulcahys a chance, Torre |

Give the Mulcahys a chance, Torre

Dear Mayor Torre,

I am writing this note to you as a close friend of Sandy and Lee Mulcahy.

Since Bud Mulcahy and his family first began working on their home in Aspen, I heard about the unreasonable pressures put upon them. These included both schedule and design. I always wondered why they kept working, why they wanted to build in the face of such opposition. It always came down to the beauty of the place and the friendship of most of the people of your city.

I am aware that emotions are running high as the result of Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority’s takeover of private property. Little wonder considering the lies APCHA is telling to have property taken from rightful owners. Which is what leads me to you. It takes courage to stand up to this type of political force. But I believe this may be the reason you were elected.

Please choose to use your influence on behalf of the Mulcahy’s and other land owners to help stop this. It’s time Aspen’s nickname, “Moscow in the Mountains,” be buried forever.

Jack Jackson

Arlington, Texas