Give Earth some TLC while we’re here |

Give Earth some TLC while we’re here

The Pitkin Board of County Commissioners airport discussion on GrassRoots TV shows that the board has a lot of pro-maximum-growth ideas to consider. The 12-plus year plan is heavy on paving paradise, mostly for general aviation. We don’t need GA to bring in bigger jets — and not when these jets are some of the least efficient and most polluting forms of personal travel. Burning $500 million for deconstruction, construction and paving represents a lot of greenhouse gas.

Consider the new Climate Clock ( It illustrates the time left to prevent global warming from becoming irreversible. There is a limit, according to the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, to get our sustainability act together; it’s seven years and it’s counting down. It also counts the percentage of the world’s energy that is generated from renewables — 27% and climbing, woohoo!

Putting an elevated photovoltaic grid over the rental and employee parking lots is a capital idea and should be priority No. 1 so the car-rental companies can buy your power to juice their fleets. Extend it west to cover the airline equipment parking lot and as far as possible to the south.

Offer two free poster cases to promote carbon offsetting. To maximally protect our winter go with the minimum amount of improvements needed, an improved terminal and a new deicing pad. Humanity’s best option is simply to prevent more damage to our global commons by living like we care about what our children will inherit.

Tom Mooney