Give child care providers a chance in Aspen |

Give child care providers a chance in Aspen

Dear Aspen City Council members and Kids First advisory board,

I was on the Zoom meeting Jan. 7 where public comment was accepted by the Kids First board. It is clear from the comments from our community members that:

1. One-hundred percent of commenters were in support of allowing Aspen Mountain Tots and Playgroup Aspen to remain open in their current capacity. This included current and former parents of students in these programs and other child care providers in Aspen.

2. Not one person spoke in favor of these two high quality child care providers leaving the Yellow Brick building in order to find a new provider who would offer five days per week.

Closing current high-quality child care because they won’t conform to your (well-intentioned initially) lease changes to require five days per week is unacceptable. If the board and City Council don’t pivot to allow Dawn and Kadi to operate their businesses as they see fit and continue providing child care to 100 families in the valley, it is a slap in the face to not only the two (female) small-business owners but also to all of the families who are now having to deal with changing providers.

This is an easy decision in this time of so many difficult situations. Let’s be thankful for what we have and if the time comes in the future to require five, six or seven day weeks for child care, it can be looked at then.

Kate Spencer