Gieszl, Weiss, Zimet best for Aspen schools |

Gieszl, Weiss, Zimet best for Aspen schools

Whether you have children or not, vote in the school board election!

It takes a village to raise a child, and how Aspen raises its children is important for the well being of the entire community.

I am endorsing three strong candidates, who stand out because they are honest, smart and dedicated, have proven records, and they do their homework. There are three types of candidates: Those who insist things can’t be done, those who merely disrupt, and leaders who actually get the job done.

Christa Gieszl has made a significant impact on the well being of our community as physician at the Veterans Clinic, on the Pitkin County Board of Health this past pandemic year, and on the School District Accountability Committee. Her children attend Aspen schools, and with some other parents concerned about in-person learning, she established and operated the first COVID-testing program at the schools.

Christa Gieszl knows how to get things done and is a leader in our community.

Stacey Weiss is a retired Aspen school teacher who knows our families and our school culture. We need her perspective when crafting policy for our school administration. While the teachers have a voice through the Aspen Education Association, Stacey can maintain an independent mind and voice to advocate for our children first.

Dr. Susan Zimet is the incumbent on the Aspen School Board who has worked hard, advocated for a strong academic program and helped guide the schools through some difficult transitions during the pandemic. She deserves another term and I am grateful that she is stepping up. All three women are strong, decisive leaders and stand apart for the reasons articulated above. Please vote for them Nov. 2, or sooner by mail in ballot or by dropping your ballot at the county ballot box.

Rebecca Mirsky

Woody Creek