Getting woke to Mike Kaplan |

Getting woke to Mike Kaplan

So let me get this straight — Aspen Skiing Co. CEO Mike Kaplan is actually engaging in free political speech and employing corporate wealth as a form of speech on behalf of “Dreamers,” all thanks to a decision by a fascist Supreme Court called “Citizens United,” that ranks right up there with Dred Scott?

Like, just … wow.

Someone notify Antifa. Tell them to forget about shutting down Ann Coulter and dangerous Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkeley, and “normal” college professors and presidents at Middlebury and Evergreen State — tell them the real fascist dwells in Aspen. As he himself likes to remind us, he’s still here. It’s time now for some truly intelligent political speech:

Hey, hey, ho, ho,

Plutocrat Kaplan has to go!

Yo, bro! Wassup?

Skico’s Kaplan mus’ shut up!

No ICE, no Trump, no stinkin’ Constitution!

But corporatist fat-cat Kaplan is a non-solution!

I mean, it’s time to get woke, Pitco Dems. Time to punk your ride. You feel me?

Chad Klinger