Get over the good old days

Jim Wingers just wrote a letter in support of logging on the Frying Pan claiming historical precedent (“A narrow view on logging,” Commentary, March 7, The Aspen Times). He put down Auden Schendler as a newbie in the valley and therefore his opinions are worthless.

Well, Jim, grow up! Things change and just because you’re here for a while doesn’t make your opinions more valid. I built my house 45 years ago on the Frying Pan and am so thankful things have changed, like no more 18-wheeler tunnel trucks barreling down the road from the diversion tunnels. Good riddance, and hopefully that will be the last of the semis rolling down our road. It’s a new world with bicyclists, fishermen and recreationlists taking advantage of our gorgeous valley and all it has to offer them.

I’m so sick of people reveling about the “good old days.” Stop whining and if you can’t handle it move to somewhere frozen in time, like maybe Naturita. They might be more open to your whining.

Bruce Gabow