Get it together, people

Requiring face covering within Aspen city limits — yes. Requiring observation of social-distancing regulations — yes. Allowing groups of fewer than five while observing social distancing — yes. Allowing limited curb-side retail store operations — yes.

Allowing bars and restaurant openings — not yet. Allowing tourists and part-time residents to freely enter without observing the above as witnessed repeatedly — a resounding no!

Some enforcement, please!

Making the locals who are struggling both economically and mentally to pay the price of this “shelter in place” — an emphatic no! Get your act together, Pitkin County.

Purchase a reliable antibody test in sufficient numbers. Do some contact tracing! A simple phone call to the Aspen Skiing Co. will confirm that the Wuhan acrobats were in town late December early January and all Snowmass ski instructors who had contact with them became seriously ill.

Howard Moglewer