Get Gardner’s ear with your vote

It appears that we might have three Republicans willing to vote to include witnesses and documents necessary to have a fair impeachment trial. If we could convince Sen. Cory Gardner to also vote for documents and witnesses, it would create the required majority.

While I am a hard-core Democrat and disagree with his politics, I’d do almost anything to have a fair chance of impeaching Donald Trump so I am contacting Gardner to pledge my vote and absolute support in his upcoming election if he votes to include witnesses and documents. I implore everyone to do the same. I am not hoping to help start a blue wave nor a red wave, but a bipartisan, patriotic, red, white and blue wave to save our great nation from despotism.

It is obvious that if Trump succeeds in so blatantly defying the Constitution and the law, as it appears he will, he will only become bolder in his abuses. If he can get away with this, the circumvention of term limits will be a piece of cake and he will undoubtedly follow in his hero’s footsteps and create an autocratic thugocrasy like Vladimir Putin’s.

Time is of the essence so I encourage everyone to swiftly contact Gardner and pledge your support for his re-election in exchange for his vote to include necessary witnesses and documents in this impeachment trial and to vote against him if he fails vote for this. This can be done the most quickly by calling 202-224-5941 and leaving a message or at

Let’s try to spread the word on this red, white and blue wave to other senators and the media. We need to create a ripple and turn it into a tidal wave. This is not about party affiliation. This is an effort to save democracy itself. I would gladly agree to vote a straight Republican ticket for the rest of my life in exchange for a fair opportunity to impeach Trump.

Because Trump has long since thrown all his original supporters under the bus, most of his supporters are converts. It is my belief that given even the slightest hope of success, the vast majority of the Senate would love to impeach Trump. We need to convince them they will have a better chance of re-election by standing up to Trump than by tolerating him.

Jim Duke