Garfield County commissioner takes the low road over Independence Pass |

Garfield County commissioner takes the low road over Independence Pass

I read with interest Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky’s rant about the Independence Pass closure. I couldn’t help but wonder how a person in this position could subject us to his rant calling our Colorado Department of Transportation officials and the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office “disrespectful, arrogant, gutless, and selfish” for closing a safety hazard.

He mentions that it is a “relief valve” for Glenwood Springs. I guess Mr. Jankovsky is having trouble managing his mouth when he speaks of Pitkin County’s management abilities of traffic in Aspen. Maybe if Mr. Jankovsky and his cronies could manage their four-story mega-apartments in West Glenwood, we in Pitkin County would have less need for providing his “relief valve” for all the Denver-bound Glenwoodites.

All you Glenwood folks are plenty close to Highway 13/789 going to Meeker and Craig to get U.S. Highway 40 into Denver. Mr. Jankovsky, why don’t you have the Garfield County sheriff’s officers turn all the Denver-bound trucks and campers and trailers up to Meeker in Rifle instead of railing on Joe DiSalvo’s guys, who are doing an excellent job.

Perhaps, M.r Jankovsky, you should look up “low blow” in the dictionary before you make an assessment on Joe DiSlvo and the State Patrol’s ability to judge an unsafe condition.

And Tom, your medical emergencies go to St. Mary’s in Grand Junction, which, in case you are confused, is west of Glenwood Springs on I-70.

James A. Wingers