Gardner deserves another term on Holy Cross board

Bob Gardner is running for re-election to the Holy Cross Energy board, and I support him. He has lived in this valley his entire life, and has worked at Holy Cross, his entire career, starting out as a lineman, and ending up as a management executive , before retiring in 2005.

He advocated for renewables way before that was a popular stance, and has continued with that commitment, since joining the board, in 2012. His deep experience with and understanding of the nuts and bolts of running an electric co-op means that he brings an important and unique perspective to the board as to how best meet the renewable goals, while also assuring reliable and affordable electric service to Holy Cross’s territory.

Bringing on a new, inexperienced member to the board now means having to bring that new member up to speed on the many complicated initiatives that the board is currently working on. Bob Gardner has a proven track record of effective and intelligent service, on the Holy Cross board, and I vote to elect him to continue in that capacity.

Deborah Bradford