Fund supports English-language learners |

Fund supports English-language learners

Pitkin County residents, please vote “yes” on the Healthy Community Fund Ballot Question 1A. The renewal and increase of this fund provides critical financial support to more than 70 essential organizations in the valley offering assistance and resources to residents, workers and visitors.

The support that English In Action has received from the Healthy Community Fund has made an enormous difference in the quality of life for hundreds of our immigrant community members who live or work in Pitkin County. When our residents and workers learn English, we all benefit. Immigrant community members are able to advance at work and become more engaged parents when they are able to communicate effectively in English. They become more self-sufficient and are able to contribute to our valley in meaningful and impactful ways. Our students and tutors also develop strong cross-cultural relationships that have a positive ripple effect across our valley.

Pitkin County is an extraordinary place. There is a deep commitment to the physical and emotional health, well-being and growth of all its residents, workers and visitors. The Healthy Community Fund is well-managed, and there is a long history of ensuring that it is well-used and that there is a high degree of accountability. Your support is deeply appreciated by thousands of community members that benefit from the fund each year.

Lara S. Beaulieu

Executive director, English In Action