Fund helps put locals in touch with services |

Fund helps put locals in touch with services

There are few entities in Pitkin County with more reason to be grateful for the Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund than Aspen Family Connections. We are a new family resource center, working throughout the county, holding individual family meetings and producing Family Matters, an extensive program of parenting education and support.

Without the fund — on November’s ballot, with a recommendation from the Board of County Commissioners to renew, and with a slight increase — Aspen Family Connections would not exist. The partnership grant we received from the fund provided the investment we needed to get to work, addressing the significant needs of local families.

Last school year we received almost 150 family referrals and we worked hard to connect with them all and use the power of partnership to put families in touch with a huge range of local services, providers and funding sources. AFC’s collaborative approach draws directly from the spirit of the Healthy Community Fund, created in order to strengthen our local nonprofits and agencies, enabling us all to work together.

Aspen Family Connections is fortunate to be working in a community that makes possible such synergy, and that has always backed the Healthy Community Fund. It is a huge privilege for us at AFC to be able to connect with Pitkin County locals, and to lend support to them and their children on the family journey.

We urge continued support for the fund and ask the community to vote “Yes” on 1A!

Katherine Sand