From the Department of Sarcasm |

From the Department of Sarcasm

To perfect our flawed, corrupt political system, please support the National Popular Voter for Congress Bill (NPVCB).

Our Constitution enshrines an archaic system for selecting members of Congress. A system designed to permit unwashed, uninformed hicks to send the wrong types to Washington: heathen congress people who support outdated concepts like free speech, religious freedoms, the right of self-defense and individual property rights. This system has retarded social progress in this amoral country for over 200 years.

Do you realize that each member of Congress is elected by a small clique of voters — the voters in one small congressional district? Thus, when counting the votes for one congress person, the votes of people in 534 other congressional districts are excluded. “Racism” is too mild an adjective for this backward system. As proof, countless elections have resulted in a Congress controlled by Republicans.

Under the NPVCB, every citizen nationwide will get to vote for every member of Congress. In that way, the enlightened citizens (and many non-citizens) of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston and a few other wine-tasting, cheese-eating hubs can insure a more socially acceptable congressional composition.

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Maurice Emmer