From one extreme to another |

From one extreme to another

In the spirit of finding common ground, let’s take the leftist views to the extreme as I think Patrick Hunter is onto something here: 

Defense spending: Decrease to near zero and rely on solely on diplomacy. Fire our most elite soldiers first for opting out of a vaccine. 

Climate change: Stop all fossil fuel production immediately. Buy oil and gas from Saudi Arabia and Russia until renewables can replace that 80% of energy we need. Disregard any lessons being learned by the EU as it hastily transitioned to renewables, leaving it at the mercy of Russia. 

Abortions: Make all abortions legal. Even post-birth if you choose.

Guns: Make all guns illegal. Criminals will likely turn in their guns, as well. 

Black Lives Matter: Label all protests “peaceful” regardless of how much damage they do to cities. And disregard BLM leadership using donations to buy mansions. That’s racist.

Religion: Shut down all churches. Let mosques stay open though. Again, don’t be racist. 

IRS: Tax everyone at 90%. Government can redistribute equally. 

Schools: Parents are completely removed from education. Children will be able to access pornographic books that cannot even be read aloud at school board meetings. Any parents that try to get involved will be labeled “domestic terrorists.” 

States: Abolish the 10th Amendment. Actually, abolish the whole Constitution. Disband the Supreme Court and become a pure democracy where the 51% rule the 49%. If 51% votes that 49% should be thrown in re-education camps, that is just pure democracy at work. 

No need to worry about California deporting people. According to net migration stats, lots of people are leaving anyway. Care to guess the politics of states they are going to? 

I recall reading a letter earlier this year in the Post Independent from someone named “Patrick Hunter.” The editor ultimately had to unpublish it due to “questionable and inappropriate content” since it advocated locking up people in concentration camps based on their personal health choices. Hopefully “Pat Hunter” doesn’t get mixed up with that crazy guy!

Chase McWhorter


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