Frisch is right for Aspen’s future

Frisch is right for Aspen’s future

Dear Editor:

This winter I visited Florida with my family. We were at a park with our kids when a man approached me.

“Excuse me,” he said. “I overhead you talking and was curious. Do you actually live in Aspen?”

I told him that we did, to which he replied, “Like, year-round?”

The man seemed astonished to learn that a working-class couple with kids actually resided within the city limits of a place he thought was reserved for the rich and famous. The fact that we do live in this world-class mountain town is a testament to many progressive leaders who have served Aspen over the decades. Innovative thinkers who understood the complex dynamics of the town and took a common-sense approach when planning for the future.

If elected mayor, this is just the sort of leader we’ll have in Adam Frisch.

Adam loves Aspen and cares for the people who call it home. He understands the local economy and is focused on job creation, actively seeking ways for local entrepreneurs to start new businesses in town. As a member of Housing Frontiers, he is cognizant of the city’s housing needs, one of the key components to maintaining a vibrant, year-round community. He supports the city’s goal of attaining an energy profile that is 100 percent renewable. He doesn’t just talk the talk either. He puts in the time, knocks on doors, asks questions and listens to people’s answers.

For those who don’t know Adam, he’s an awesome father first and foremost. I bump into him most often at the Red Brick gym, our kids’ music lessons, or at Aspen Elementary School. In addition to family, his great passion is the town itself. Long before he was elected to the City Council, he was my first source for local intel. Over pizza at a Wildwood School picnic, he’d give his straight-forward, common-sense take on Aspen’s latest hot topics. Even back then, I thought he’d make a great mayor.

I feel blessed to have lived here for 11 years. I love this town as much as anyone. What I look for most in a candidate is an intelligent leader who will work tirelessly to preserve Aspen’s charm for future generations. That is why I support Adam Frisch for mayor.

Keith Hemstreet