Freedom over fear |

Freedom over fear

Is it about health?

Right now, it is flu season. It’s sugar season, it’s party season, it’s shortest days of the year season, it is high stress season. Yet, the only health advice from the counties’ boards of health is to wear a mask. Really?

Effective? Last week the Pitkin County COVID-19 case count reported that there were 101 active COVID-19 cases. There were 79 vaccinated versus six unvaccinated cases. Are people being encouraged to get the shots to increase their chance of getting sick by 13 times? Are the current shots that were developed for the original virus effective for the variants?

The NHL, NFL, and NBA are almost 100% vaccinated yet they have many players getting sick.

The shots were never intended to stop anyone from getting sick or to prevent transmitting Covid.

Safe? According to the CDC’s official reporting site, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), there are now more than 20,000 deaths and we are approaching 1 million adverse events directly resulting from the shots.

Experts are reporting that there are safe and effective treatments to help people recover. They also report that if people had been treated with these protocols that more than 80% of those who died from COVID would have been saved. Why are these treatments being suppressed?

Gov. Jared Polis declared that the pandemic emergency is over and rescinded the mask mandates.

To quote Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., “We need to love our freedoms more than we fear a germ.”

Tom Lankering


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