Francie Jacober: a candidate for all issues |

Francie Jacober: a candidate for all issues

If preserving our rural character, protecting our environment, our public lands, our water, our wildlife, addressing climate change, and ensuring the health, safety and welfare for all is important, the only real candidate for District 5 county commissioner is Francie Jacober.

An educator and entrepreneur with strong ties to the ranching community, Francie brings her experience of working collaboratively with others to address and solve problems. Although running from a specific district, a county commissioner is elected at-large and must be able to work with and represent all of our citizens, not just a special interest group.

On the other hand, Francie’s challenger, Jeffrey Evans, is not only a one-issue candidate, but a misguided one as well. His platform is limited to the Entrance to Aspen, an issue of importance, but not one that the county has jurisdiction over, nor the silver bullet. Mr. Evans proclaims himself the self-appointed expert on this issue and debunks the collaborative work done by the Aspen Community Forum members in their extensive Upper Valley Mobility Report, which also has been adopted by the Elected Officials Transportation Committee. He reminds me of the emperor with no clothes. The last person we need in office is another disrupter. We have seen the disastrous results of this over the past four years at our federal level.

There is a reason that all current Pitkin County commissioners and many of our community leaders, as well as Sen. Michael Bennet, endorse Francie Jacober. A vote for Francie is a vote for addressing the needs of all our citizens while keeping Pitkin County the special place it is.

George Newman

Commissioner, Pitkin County