Four Pinocchio’s for Protect Colorado

On a weekly basis, the Washington Post awards Pinocchio’s to the individuals or organizations who told the biggest whoppers. President Donald Trump usually overwhelms the competition, but I don’t think the Post is familiar with Protect Colorado, the PAC for the oil and gas industry opposing Colorado’s Proposition 112, the safer setback ballot measure.

Claim: Proposition 112 will result in a total shutdown of Colorado’s oil and gas industry.

Fact: With 50,000 wells currently in operation, horizontal drilling, and the fact that 112 doesn’t pertain to federal land, the industry is in no peril.

Claim: Colorado’s schools will be shut down because of Proposition 112.

Fact: Over half of school funding comes from state taxes. For the above reasons, there will be no immediate impact on revenue. There may be in the future, but, by then, we’ll be able to open up other revenue sources, like, maybe, renewable energy.

Claim: Our nation’s energy independence will be jeopardized.

Fact: We have been an energy exporter since 2011. The Colorado oil and gas industry could completely shut down, which isn’t going to happen, and we’d still produce more energy than we consume.

Claim: A 2,500-foot setback is extreme.

Fact: A total fracking ban, like they have in New York and Maryland, would be extreme.

Fred Malo Jr.