Four out of every 10 can’t be right |

Four out of every 10 can’t be right

I am puzzled. Over 40% of Americans support Mr. Trump. Why do they stand in favor of a man who is a perpetual liar, misogamist, racist, sexual predator, destroyer of our relationships with allies, science denier, unwilling to read or accept facts given to him by experts, irreligious, unfaithful, destroyer of our Constitution, corrupt, business failure, vain, bullying, narcoleptic, ignorant of our traditions, unwilling to make good on his promises, law breaker, slanderer, narcistic, unable to accept responsibility or apologize for his errors, unwilling to answer questions he dislikes, unwilling to show empathy, unwilling to recognize he is to govern for all the people?

I can understand some who support him for what, to them, are key conservative policies, or based on facts and logical reasoning they believe are dispositive. That’s OK with me; it is just honest disagreement with my own ideas. But the others?

A friend has suggested that his bullying and rejection of others’ views and advice are the result of projecting their own instincts to bully and reject others who disagree with themselves. Another has suggested that he wants to win any argument as a demonstration of his power, and others want to share that power. A third has argued that his selfishness drives him to advance his own interests to benefit himself, and again some want the same. Yet a fourth says his fear of being wrong drives his impulsiveness, and that too motivates some to agree with him.

But can we afford supporting him? Isn’t our Constitution more important than any personal reasons to agree with him?

Hey, 40%ers: Look at the facts, and apply logic. Ask yourselves if it is worth it to sacrifice your own freedom and ability to rely on our Bill of Rights. Join the 60%.

Parker Maddux