Four more years for Steve Child |

Four more years for Steve Child

If you’ve ever wondered why this valley has done a better job than most in protecting its landscapes, rivers and wildlife, while still housing thousands of its workers and offering first rate amenities, I’d argue that it comes down to vision and leadership.

Over the years we’ve had some politicians who failed miserably but also some who really earned our vote. Steve Child, a lifelong resident and longtime cattle rancher, is someone who understands the valley through his more than half a century of living and working here. Whether the issue is public transportation, land-use policy, budgeting or protection of wildlife, Steve can draw from his long experience here in the valley to make good decisions. As a person, he’s thoughtful, calm and quietly determined to get it right.

Like his father, Bob Child, who was a Pitkin County commissioner for 14 years in the 1980s and 1990s, Steve has shown a lifelong commitment to protecting what is good here while keeping an open mind about improving what needs improving. He’ll earn your vote!

Mark Harvey