Fossil fuels aren’t clean energy |

Fossil fuels aren’t clean energy

Kudos to Xcel Energy for their plans to shut down two coal burning power plants in Garfield County and replace them with “clean” energy plants. Unfortunately, their definition of clean includes natural gas.

Actually, the total carbon footprint of natural gas, including extraction techniques like burn-offs and fracking, makes it just as dirty as coal. Further, proposals for wind and solar powered plants have come in cheaper than natural gas.

Garfield County commissioner Tom Jankovsky is all for the gas burning plants, either because he thinks Garfield County needs natural gas production for the revenue it provides, or because he is deep in the pockets of the oil and gas industry, or perhaps both. Jankovsky, the owner of the Sunlight Mountain ski resort, apparently hasn’t noticed his ski season is just about shot because of fossil fuel caused climate change.

We need to tell Jankovski and other local officials that any fossil fuel energy source is unacceptable.

Fred Malo Jr.