Fossil-fueling the fire

In response to Patrick Hunter’s letter “Nothing political about climate changes’ impacts” (Oct. 18,, you can expect more lawsuits to be filed by cities and states against fossil fuel companies. These companies knew in the ‘70s that their products were bad for Mother Earth and bad for leaving our kids a sustainable economy; and they lied about it, and they are still just green-washing the issue.

There are six California cities suing them for liability. Go to for the latest news. They need the money to help pay for rising sea levels. San Francisco airport just decided to build a $587 million sea wall around their airport so their runways don’t get flooded. It’s crazy, CO2 emissions keep on rising and the Keeling Curve (Wikipedia it) is going to reach a new high in May.

It is time to tax carbon for its economic externality costs and for the feds to quit giving the fossil fuel companies production tax credits. And if you care about your kids’ futures, commit to never again buy another internal combustion engine vehicle.

Tom Mooney