Forget impeachment, prevail at the polls |

Forget impeachment, prevail at the polls

I really appreciate the comments of Dorothea Farris in her “Robust dialogue needed in presidential contest” letter (June 9, The Aspen Times). However, the positive embrace of this bizarre political development — aka a literal herd of Democratic politicians deciding they can save the day (regardless of any name recognition or “fixing” of anything the average voter could articulate) has bewildered me.

Robust dialogue is not something this government is capable of — when discernible outcomes are at risk. But perhaps there’s another rationale we can rally behind! A strategy of 25 to 30 Democratic candidates running in different directions all over the country, sounding the alarm — in all of the ways it needs to be sounded. Carry the “Defeat Trump” message far and wide — in all of your respective states!

Impeachment is a lost cause with this lackey of a Senate. Respect the hard-earned wisdom of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats don’t need to fall on the sword for the U.S. Constitution only to help the other “equal branches” lay waste to it. Work together — spread this word. Any other motivation is foolish and dangerous.

Christine Yoest