Forest Service could have allocated fire resources differently

I find it hard to believe the Forest Service can find money to hire patrols to give us tickets and to keep us out of our recreation area on Basalt Mountain!

It would be a better idea to put that money into making as much of the roads and trails safe immediately, and then continue what is left to clear and plant next spring. Instead, they are waiting until the spring to even make a plan as to how to proceed. I was sad when Scott Fitzwilliams decided to downgrade the fire after they saved Basalt and El Jebel, sending so many resources away. The person in charge of the new fire team said they were watching the fire and trying to keep its progress to a creep until the monsoons came and put it out. (What a bad idea since most storms come with wind, and there were no monsoons expected anytime soon. and thus the burn area doubled in size.) So, the recreation area burned. I am angry it was not a priority to save our midvalley recreation area and now it is not a priority to open our access to our trails and forest. If it had been Smuggler in danger, the response would have been very different.

Denise Handrich

Lazy Glen