For the Pride of Aspen, vote yes on 2B |

For the Pride of Aspen, vote yes on 2B

Please vote yes on ballot issue 2B to approve the city to receive a conservation easement on 19-plus acres for the Pride of Aspen parcel in exchange for an approximately 4,000-square-foot (1/10 acre), city-owned right of way on 4th Street adjacent to the Colorado Midland Trail.

There is no impact on this lovely trail. This exchange is at no cost to the city and will permanently preserve the east-facing flank of Shadow Mountain (approximately 10 acres) as well as up and over the ridge down the west side to Castle Creek (9 acres). These very visible landscapes will be protected forever against a repeat of the horrendous supersized houses recently built at the base of Shadow Mountain.

City/county joint management of the conservation easement of the 19 acres of undisturbed open space will provide for wildlife habitat protection and an enhanced Little Cloud Trail and will facilitate the ultimate connection of a trail around to Castle Creek.

The name Pride of Aspen speaks for itself. Let’s be proud of protecting our open spaces for now and for the future and please vote yes on ballot question 2B.

Howie Mallory