Food courts belong on Aspen’s menu |

Food courts belong on Aspen’s menu

There is a survey that can be taken to voice your opinion on the use of the old City Hall — — available until March 18.

Please support this idea so that not only locals but visitors as well can have an option over fine dining.

Restaurants in town could join the effort by serving samples of their menus. High school students are already on board to show their entrepreneurism of culinary delights. Towns all over the country and in Europe have found a success with this idea.

I have spoken to many about this proposal and they all love it 100%.

I have been in contact with Richard Tseng Yu Lai, who designed the Hyman mall years ago and has submitted his design and ideas to the City Council for the food court.

This is a concept that would bring back the much needed vitality to Aspen — a gathering place for all — COVID kept us home for a long time, so let’s not exclude the choices that are more affordable for all of us to get out and gather with friends.

Please take the survey before March 18 —

Susan Shapiro