Focus on public safety, not deportation |

Focus on public safety, not deportation

Law and order only happens when police and community members are working closely together as partners in establishing and maintaining healthy communities. A healthy community is one where people feel safe and are able to live without fear and violence. A healthy community is one where there are resources for those who are “down on their luck” or have hit a rough patch. A healthy community is one where people can work, build skills, have access to education and health care, achieve goals, take care of one another and practice their chosen spiritual path, all without fear of violence.

Our police officers in our small towns are so much more than enforcers. They have become true partners in our community building relationships with our children and families so that when there is an issue, they get the information they need to investigate, charge and restore safety.

But now, it is our law enforcement officers who have become the threat to public health and safety. If half of the population is living in daily fear of being arrested just by being seen, our community is crumbling. Children are not thriving at school because they are scared all day that they will return home and parents won’t be there.

I am not scared for my safety or the safety of my children but I am deeply scared for my community. This is my community! I am a citizen and a voter and I do not condone the use of local, community police and police policies for ICE purposes.

Gretchen Brogdon