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Fluid facts

Paul Menter has made some good points regarding water storage at Woody Creek and Aspen’s future water needs. However, in his article of Wednesday regarding the Castle Creek hydro-electric ballot question of 2012, he failed to mention the expenditures of large sums of money by anonymous sources, in a concerted effort of misinformation intended to influence the election’s outcome. Photos of dry streambeds, showing non-indigenous trees along their banks, with dead fish in small pools were part of a concerted effort to influence the uninformed Aspen voter. And it worked! The ballot question lost by only 1 percent!

Unfortunately, this may result in the loss of Aspen’s senior water rights on Castle Creek due to abandonment. Case in point: Public Service’s Shoshone Hydro-plant’s 1902 water rights prevent additional diversion to the Eastern Slope. Aspen’s Castle Creek adjudicated water rights date back to 1889.

To sum up, clean hydro-power, with minimum streamflow protection, is good for the environment and will protect Aspen’s senior water rights.

Jim Markalunas