Fleeing the scene

At 4:15 p.m. Saturday, two dogs were seen running east on Highway 82 past the Highway 133 turnoff. I spotted the Australian cattle dog as I drove east; it was running in the same direction on shoulder and I immediately pulled my vehicle over and began running west to locate the dog. I then spotted it across the lane up the dividing berm and running east in the opposite lane to oncoming traffic.

I watched and heard the oncoming blue/gray Yukon or Suburban strike the dog approximately 10 feet above me. I continued scrambling up the muddy berm and caught the dog’s attention, who stumbled and laid down at my feet with a tagless collar. The male driver of the vehicle glanced down at me and did not stop to check on the animal he had just struck. Unfortunately I was not able to see the license plate and certainly wished I had.

What’s this person’s moral compass? Drivers who strike animals are required to report the incident to Colorado State Patrol *277. Thank you to the several compassionate, animal-loving individuals who stopped/assisted, and to the the driver who safely rescued the second dog with a tagless collar. The dog that was struck underwent leg surgery and is recovering.

Natalie Blanchard