First Lance Armstrong, then O.J. Simpson?

Last Sunday the second annual Aspen FIFTY mountain bike race was held in Aspen. I get it: Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association needs fundraisers, riders want a 50-mile race, and some people lose their minds over celebrity.

Should the community and the association support an event backed by Lance Armstrong? Could Lance do his promotion without his name associated with the race? Should The Aspen Times showcase photos of Lance at the race? Have we no standards?

I actually tried to enter the ride last year. It’s a cool course. After some soul-searching I couldn’t get behind it this year. How does the community take the moral high road on really serious issues when we promote this race?

It’s tough. I’ve seen Lance on the trails. He’s a really nice guy, but he’s famous due to criminal activity.

If this race is OK, next year is the Bernie Madoff FIFTY. (You’ll only get 20 miles though.) Then the O.J. uphill?

Jim Paussa

Snowmass Village