First Amendment rights trampled in Basalt |

First Amendment rights trampled in Basalt

Local Trump supporters staged a raid on “Biden” signs from residences in Elk Run Thursday night, Oct. 15, which trampled on all our First Amendment rights.

Most disappointing was that they also stole the small American flag that I had taped to the sign. While Trump and Lauren Boebert supporters claim to be great patriots defending our freedoms and our First Amendment rights, those rights don’t seem to apply to patriots with a different point of view.

Political signs are important as one of our basic freedoms of expression and to build community support for our favored candidates. “Biden” signs are missing from yards on Riverside Drive, Mountain Court and Elk Run Drive, while my neighbor’s two “Trump” signs remain in his yard.

Reportedly both parties have had signs stolen from public spaces in Eagle County, but brazenly trespassing takes a stupid act to a new and criminal low.

Bernie Grauer