Firefighters’ presence should put neighbors at ease |

Firefighters’ presence should put neighbors at ease

I remember when I moved out of Aspen around 1986, sick of being rent raised out of another house/apartment, and thinking, “ it’s just a matter of time before the closest firefighter lives in New Castle, then maybe they’ll figure it out.” After reading the article about opposition to the affordable housing project for firefighters in the North Forty neighborhood (“Decision delayed on Aspen Fire Department housing project across from airport,” July 9, 2020), it appears they still haven’t figured it out and I gotta say I’m glad I bought a place in New Castle, fire station’s right down the road.

In regard to the woman who said she felt “betrayed” and the man who said “the situation would end up hurting the neighborhood,” that sounds like NIMBYism taken to extreme. It’s not like they’re setting up a meth lab. Speaking as someone who’s had personal experience with fire close to their house, once when I lived in Lenado and twice here in New Castle, a firehouse with firefighters living in the neighborhood sounds like a good thing to me. I would think you folks would be happy, grateful even.

Chip Nealy

New Castle