Fire-starters more than kids |

Fire-starters more than kids

John Ostwald, I agree the pilot was stupid for being below hard deck. But these two “kids” are not kids. They are adults that should have a brain and be able to think for themselves. They are 23 for the female and 24 for the male. Perhaps if their father would have taken his belt off and tanned their butts at a young age, they would have learned that firing tracers is illegal. I am not buying your “they are just kids” BS. When I was a kid and I did stupid crap, I had to pay for it. Time for these little brats to get a job and pay restitution for the rest of their lives. After each hour of garbage detail on the highway, they can spend the day planting trees they buy to replace the ones they burned. It is time to take the parents to task for not disciplining their little babies and teaching them how to become an adult.

James A. Wingers