Fire-starters deserve some sympathy |

Fire-starters deserve some sympathy

Like many I was upset with the two young people who started the Basalt fire until someone pointed out that they are young. I then recalled some of the youthful indiscretions that I made in my 20s and 30s that if they had gone south I would have put many others in danger. Don’t blame CPW either because if the gun range was closed. This just would have happened in the forest. There are no restrictions in the forest on firearms, just fires. A good example of a mature adult not thinking things through was the Air Force jet jockey that was supposed to overfly Redstone on the Fourth of July. The key words are “over” and “fly.” One of the geniuses that is charged with protecting our country was well below what fliers refer to as the hard deck. This supposedly highly intelligent pilot came down the Crystal at tree-top level. What would have happened if he had lost it and spread a $15 million aircraft and it’s highly flammable fuel all over the forest? The kids that started the fire are just kids so let’s not pile it on. We all are guilty of bad choices.

John Ostwald