Fire department deserves our votes

I am endorsing the Aspen Fire Department’s request for a mill levy increase and urge everyone to please vote yes on Ballot Issue 6A.

I have now been with the Aspen Fire Department for 23 years. Time and experience have given me a pretty good understanding of the inner workings and needs of our department.

The Aspen Fire Departments general fund mill levy has been the same since its formation in 1953. While our mill levy rate has not changed, our community has changed significantly in 65 years. It has grown and the need for services has grown. Aspen Fire operates as a special district, completely separate from any other agency or municipality. Our funding is through property taxes.

Some people seem to think this ballot issue has been rushed and not carefully thought out and that there is not a solid plan in place. Those individuals could not be more mistaken. Our board does not make decisions lightly nor without significant discussion and justification.

I have watched our board and can guarantee they take their fiduciary responsibility extremely seriously. They do not spend taxpayer money indiscriminately or on a whim. They are taxpayers themselves, and they can squeeze a penny hard enough to turn it into a quarter.

The Aspen Fire Department’s request for a mill levy increase has been well thought out, the culmination of discussions and planning for more than the past several years. But you know what? Find out for yourselves. If you want to get a true understanding of the timeline and reasoning for this request — of the identified needs, of the planning and discussions that have taken place — then please talk to every single board member.

Get the facts, not opinions. Please vote “yes.”

Jan Legersky