Fine reporting by Aspen Journalism on wolf re-introduction |

Fine reporting by Aspen Journalism on wolf re-introduction

My sincere thanks to Elizabeth Stewart-Severy of Aspen Journalism for her excellent article on the very controversial wolf re-introduction to Colorado. I was fortunate enough to work on the Mexican gray wolf reintroduction in southern Arizona, in 1994, so full disclosure, I am a strong advocate for the re-introduction of the wolf to Colorado.

Her article was very informative, well researched, and presented both sides of this polarizing subject to the reader. I strongly encourage James A. Wingers to read the article, and try to release yourself from your abundance of ignorance. I read your article about the Highlands Bowl a couple of weeks ago and would be happy to do the hike with you a couple of times this week and I could also educate you on a subject you seem so profoundly ignorant about. Meet me at the MGR any day at 12:30. If you think Delia Malone has an extremely large mouth, I would like to compare it with the current size of your belly, or better still the size of your brain.

Martin Suthren

Aspen and Todos Santos the Baja